Is Your Garage Door Shutting Too Quickly? Three Reasons Why This May Be Happening

When you shut your garage door, you expect it to roll down the track and close. But if, when you hit the button to close the garage door, the door rolls down the track quickly and nearly slams into the ground, you have an issue. Unfortunately, there is not just one reason why this can occur; there are several. Here are three of the top reasons why your garage door may be closing too quickly.

Your Garage Door Spring is Damaged

One of the top reasons why your garage door may be closing too quickly or nearly slamming into the ground when you close it is because the garage door spring is damaged. The spring may be stretched out or it may have snapped. The springs on your garage door help to stabilize and steady the door as it rolls along the track. As they do so, the springs have to extend when your garage door is fully open and contract when your garage door is completely shut. This constant stretching and pulling can cause the springs to wear out or snap. If they do, your door may come flying down the track because the springs are not supporting the door as they should. 

Your Garage Door Spring is the Wrong Size

If you have recently had your garage door spring replaced, you may notice that your garage door is closing significantly faster than before. Unfortunately, you may attribute this to the new spring and not think anything of it. However, this should not be happening. Your garage door may be closing faster after a new spring is installed because the wrong size spring was installed. If the spring is too small, the garage door will close quickly as the spring retracts because it doesn't have the length to support your door as it comes down the track. Allowing a professional to replace your springs, rather than doing it yourself, helps to prevent this problem. 

Your Garage Door Tracks Are Loose

The last reason why your garage door may be shutting too quickly is because the garage door tracks are loose. If the tracks are wobbly, they may wiggle as the door glides down them, causing the door to fall faster. Garage door tracks should be inspected at least twice a year to ensure they are not loose. If yours are, tightening the bolts can help to solve this problem. If it doesn't, it may be time to replace your track system. 

If your garage door is coming down the tracks too quickly, a garage door repair company, like Raynor Door Company, should be called. They can come out and assess the situation and determine how to fix the problem so that your door opens and closes as steadily and stable as it should. 

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