The Why And How Of Garage Panel Replacement

If there is one exterior home remodel that homeowners often overlooked, it is the garage doors. That is, many people update their roofing, windows, trim, and paint before they ever consider updating their garage doors. However, it is very smart to invest in your garage doors because they are a major part of your exterior style. Garage door replacement is also one of the most cost effective projects. The project even more affordable if you do the work yourself. This article explains how you can minimize the cost of a garage door replacement by changing the panels.

Changing Just the Panels

On most modern overhead garage doors, it is possible to change the panels without changing the motor, cables, or frames. That is, the panels can be removed from the individual frames and replaced with new ones. Even though garage doors panels are large, they are lightweight and pretty easy to work with. In fact, most panels are only attached to the frame with a few bolts. If you remove the bolts, the panel will pop out of the frame. You just need to make sure that your friends are not bent or or damage. If you remove panels from damaged frames, they could collapse because the panel could be holding them together.

Installing the New Panels

You will have your replacement panels delivered directly to your home, so you don't need to worry about the headache of transporting them to your property. However, once they are there, you need to handle them with care. Panels are lightweight, but is they are so long, so you need to be careful. If you have vinyl or aluminum panels, they need to be handled so they don't spend too much and kink.

This is definitely a two man job. It'll take two people to lift the panel and pop it into the frame. Sometimes, the panel needs to be forced in to the frame. In some cases, you might need to even need to pop it in by knocking it with a rubber mallet. Once the panel is secured within the frame, one worker should stay on the outside and hold it in place while the other goes around the inside of the garage it starts to attach the bulbs. Some panels will remain loose in the frame until the bolts are secured, so you need to be careful with them.

As you can see, this job is probably easier than you expect it to be. For more information, contact companies like Morris Doors Inc.

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