Why Your Garage Door "Sticks."

Few things are more frustrating than when something that is supposed to make your life more convenient slows you down. A sticking garage door often can be fixed as part of a do-it-yourself weekend project, although there are some occasions where a professional's assistance is required. If you find yourself asking why your garage door is sticking, here are some things to consider.

Garage Door Requires Multiple Remote Clicks to Open

If your remote control is not quickly opening your garage door, odds are that the problem is with the remote. Swap out the batteries, and make sure the remote is receiving power. If you have more than one remote, test the other controller to make sure that the motor's receiver is processing the signal. If new batteries don't fix the problem, and nothing is blocking the chain's free motion, you may need a new motor.

Door Shakes When Moving

Garage doors that open unevenly are loud, annoying, and disruptive. To fix this problem, simply visually inspect the tracks of the door. Debris and obstructions can build up in these tracks over time and that can cause your wheels to skip along the track. If that isn't the problem, ask a repair person to inspect the door's springs. If they are uneven and one is stretched further than the other, the odds are that this is the cause of your sticky door.

Door Stuck and Will Not Move

If your door just won't move and is stuck open or closed, you'll need to go through a full diagnosis to detect the cause of the problem. Swap out your remote's batteries; wipe off the control unit's sensor; and inspect the wheel tracks for obstructions. If the door recently worked, and you are sure that it is not unevenly mounted, the odds are that you've either got a problem with uneven springs or that recent changes in weather are seizing your motor control unit with extremely thick oil. If you live somewhere that exposes the unit to low temperatures, consider switching to a low temperature lubricant.

Door Makes Noises When Opening

If your garage door screams when you open or close it, there is likely a major problem with dust, debris, or other buildup in your lubricant. You'll need to clean the track that the door's wheels slide on to take away the dirt or anything else that could cause unnecessary friction. Cleaning the track with alcohol is a great idea and can remove everything without leaving any residue. Once you've wiped the track and wheels down, you'll need to relubricate the system with either WD-40 or a specialized lubricant.

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