3 Tips For Securing Your Home's Garage Door

Your home's garage door is the biggest door of your home, which may make it a target for criminals that want to break in. Here are some tips to make sure that the door is more secure.

Ensure The Door Closely Completely

It's possible that your garage door has sustained some damage over the years, and now does not completely touch the ground when it shuts. For example, this can be due to hitting the garage door with your car and bending the tracks. While this might be fine for keeping your car away from the outside weather, it is not good for keeping your garage safe.

Consider having a professional garage door repair service come to your home to replace those bent tracks. Their goal will be to get the door to touch the ground again, which will make it harder for a criminal to try to force the door open.

Secure The Emergency Release

Does your garage door have small windows that allow you to look inside? They may be too small for someone to crawl through, but they can still be a security risk.

A clever thief can use a window to easily break into the garage. This can be done by breaking the window and using a hook to undo the emergency release cord, which will take the garage door off the opener's chain and allow someone to manually lift it. Thankfully, this is a security risk that is easy to prevent.

You'll want to secure this release cord using a plastic zip tie. This will not allow anybody to pull on the release cord unless they are able to cut the zip tie, which is impossible to do unless you have access to the garage. If you do need to open the garage door manually in an emergency, you will still be able to do so, since all you need is some scissors to cut the zip tie off the cord.

Change The Garage Door Opener Code

Do you have a keypad outside your garage that allows you to open the door? If so, it is a good idea to change this code periodically. You don't know who might be watching you while using the keypad so that they can get the code, and switching it up will ensure that nobody else knows it. You should avoid using a code that anybody can guess, such as 1234, a birthday, or even a combination of your home address numbers.

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