3 Elements To Consider When Installing A Garage Door At Your Business

If you need to install an oversized garage door at your business (for example, to expand and extend the seating outside at your restaurant or to add on to your auto body shop), you want to make sure that you think about the different design elements and systems that you want your garage door to contain.

#1 Insulation

The first thing you need to take into consideration is the insulation level of the garage door. If the garage door is going to replace a wall inside your place of business, you are going to want to make sure that it is really well insulated.

There are different levels of insulation for garage doors. The insulation value of a garage door is represented through the "R-value." The R-value measures how effective a material is at preventing the flow of heat through it. A garage door with a high level of insulation will have an R-value between 12 to 18; the higher, the better.

Make sure that in addition to a high R-value, the garage door has other insulation elements, such as solid weather stripping around the frame and a seal that goes across the bottom of the door. All of these elements together will help regulate the temperature inside your business residence when your garage door is closed.

#2 Opening Method

Second, you need to consider how you want your garage door to open up. The two most popular methods are either a hydraulic hanger door or a bi-fold door. With hydraulic hanger doors, the entire door opens and closes as one large structure. When open, a hydraulic hanger door stays open and looks like an awning. This can be great if you are trying to create an outdoor eating space; you can open the space up and provide shade for your guests at the same time.

With bi-fold doors, the garage door is broken up into segments that fold up as the door opens. A bi-fold door is the type of garage door you see on most homes. It folds inward and retracts over your ceiling.

#3 Style

Finally, make sure that you think about the style of the garage door. You want it to fit the style of the rest of your business. If your business has a minimalist look, a metal garage door may be fitting. If your business has an open an airy look, a garage door with lots of windows may be a good fit. If your business has a more of a country look, a more country-style garage door may be a good fit. There are lots of styles of garage doors out there, so be sure to find one that works well with your business.

When installing a garage door at your business, make sure that it will provide your business with proper insulation and fit with the overall style of your business. Also, think about how you want the garage door to look like when it is opening and closing to determine if a bi-fold or hydraulic hanger door is the right style for your business. 

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