4 Things To Consider When Updating Your Garage Door

Is it time to update your aging garage door? If so, you'll have to make several decisions about which garage door to buy. Do you base your decision on the style or color? There are many more features to consider when it comes to selecting the garage door that will serve your family for the next many years. Here, you'll learn a few things to consider as you select the perfect garage door for your home.

Color and Style

Of course, you want to select a garage door that will coordinate nicely with the rest of your home. If you're having a difficult time selecting the color and style of the garage door, put together a planning board. The planning board should include small samples of the surrounding materials – the siding on the garage and home, the window trim, the front door color, etc. – anything that the garage door must mesh with.

Take the planning board with you to your local garage door sales and installation professional and hold the board up to the garage doors on display. You'll be able to more easily coordinate the colors and styles if you have them all right there to refer to.

Energy Efficiency

With the rising costs of utilities today, you have to consider how energy efficient each garage door is; this is especially important if the garage is connected to your home. Why would you leave the largest opening in your home uninsulated. Look for a garage door that is insulated – it will help to reduce the energy loss through your garage.

Wind Exposure

If you live in an area that is exposed to high winds, you should consider investing in a garage door that is wind load rated. From the outside, the garage door will look like any other door, but inside, you'll find additional supports that will prevent the door from flexing and breaking even during the strongest storm. These doors are typically installed on homes that are in hurricane zones but can also protect the garages of homes during other high-wind storms –tornadoes and such.

Garage Door Opener

When you get a new garage door, it's probably best to buy a new garage door opener to go with it; this is especially true if you're upgrading the door to an insulated or wind rated door. These doors are typically heavier and may require a garage door opener with a larger motor.

Talk with your local new garage door installation expert to get some help choosing the garage door for your home. He or she will walk you through the process and provide you with professional advice that will make the decision easier for you.

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