Common Problems With Your Garage Door That Cause Malfunctions

When your automatic garage doors are behaving oddly, there are a number of ways you can try to identify what is going on with your garage door. While you may not be able to complete any repairs on your own, you can try to isolate the problem. From a lack of power going to your garage door opener unit to sensors that are not aligned correctly, there are small problems with your automatic garage doors that can cause big issues. If your door is struggling to open or close or you can't seem to get your garage door to stay all the way open, it's time to identify and fix the problem.

There's No Power Going to the Unit

One of the easiest fixes is if there is a lack of power. Check your circuit breaker box to see if any of the circuits have been tripped. In addition, check the batteries in your remote to open or close the door. You would be surprised at the number of people who get upset that their garage door is not working, only to learn that the remote needs a new battery.

The Track Isn't Even or Blocked

Both sides of the track must be even in order for your door to work correctly. A missing bracket can cause just enough shift for your track to be out of line. A twig or stone can prevent the door wheels from continuing along the track. If the bracket is missing, you can try to replace it on your own. In the case of debris in your track, remove it and see if this fixes the problem.

Your Springs are Loose

The tension springs that hold your garage door all the way open can lose their strength over time. When a spring is loose, you may see your garage door struggle to stay open all the way. If a spring suddenly snaps, your garage door is going to slam closed. If your door doesn't open fully or won't stay open, it's time to get your garage door repaired by a professional to avoid a future accident.

Your garage door can stop working for a wide range of reasons. If there is power to the unit, the track is even, and the sensors are properly lined up, you may need the help of a garage door repair specialist to come and fix the problem for you.

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