Watch And Listen Closely To Keep Your Garage Door In Good Shape

As a homeowner, you are responsible for the upkeep of all kinds of different things throughout your house, but one area of the house that can often be overlooked is the residential garage door. The garage door being located outside of the main house can sometimes cause you to forget about basic maintenance, even though it's something you likely use multiple times per day, every day. For best results, it can help to keep your eyes and ears open when the garage door is in use and reach out to a professional for maintenance and repair as needed. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you want to keep your garage door running smoothly for years to come.

Stand and Listen to the Garage Door Opening and Closing While Not in Your Car

One of the reasons homeowners can sometimes overlook garage door maintenance is because you are always inside your car when it opens and closes and are therefore not paying close attention to what is going on. If the door manages to open or close without issue, everything must be just fine, right?

Not so fast. Your door might open fine for now, but you might be overlooking a clear warning sign of upcoming trouble. Once per month, make it a point to open and close the door while inside the garage but outside of the car. Listen closely to the noises you hear and make sure you aren't hearing any rattling, scraping or any other unexpected noises. If you do hear something, you might have a part that needs tightening or the tracks might need lubricant.

Use Your Eyes As Well to Inspect the Tracks and Make Sure the Rollers Are Moving As They Should Be Without Running Into Any Issues

In addition to listening for trouble, pay attention to the rollers as they move down and through the garage door's tracks. You want to see smooth motion the whole way through the system. Look out for leaves or debris in the tracks that might be causing a hiccup even if the rollers do make it through. Clean out this debris to reduce wear and tear on the door's moving parts as much as possible.

For Best Results, Schedule an Annual Appointment for Garage Door Maintenance With a Local Contractor

A once per year appointment with a local garage door contractor will make sure the tracks are clean and lubricated, all sensors are properly functioning and your door is operating in a way that will not develop any repair issues over time. Contact a local contractor today to get started.

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